Umpqua Integrated Payments

Streamlining your invoice-to-pay process has never been easier

Introducing Umpqua Integrated Payments, an end-to-end automated payments solution that saves time and money, increases efficiency, reduces error and improves vendor relationships.

Automate and save


Streamline invoicing and reduce costs by automating the complete invoice-to-payment process — from capture and approval to authorization and execution. Secure and scalable, our Integrated Payments platform syncs in real time with many major accounting systems, making implementation quick and hassle-free.

With Umpqua Integrated Payments, you can:

  • Automatically execute payments

  • Precisely time and future-date vendor payments for maximum cash flow control

  • Create customized workflows that route documents to approvers automatically

  • Reduce errors through automated feeds and multi-level review

  • Enjoy built-in fraud prevention that supports your internal policies

Automation in action


See what a fully integrated AP platform using Umpqua Integrated Payments looks like.






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