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Maximize business value with personalized M&A guidance and expertise

When you're selling your business or acquiring a new one, you don't know what you don't know. Our experienced team leads you through each stage of selling, buying or capital raising, with smart advice, timely market insights and a finely crafted approach to help close the deal.

What you can do

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Optimize your price/terms

Leverage our broad experience in global M&A to realize the best possible outcome.

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Execute smartly with a team that customizes and leads the entire process.

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Find the right buyer or investor

Receive critical insights into buyer behavior with an eye toward aligning goals, culture and fit.

What we do

We offer sell-side advisory, buy-side advisory and capital raising services, each tailored to your specific business objectives and the latest market conditions. We manage the process and complexity; you handle what’s next.

Sell-Side Advisory


In close collaboration with your management team, we develop a complete go-to-market strategy, including assembling the building blocks necessary to launch a sales process. We know you’re selling your life's work, so we take care to learn what you've built and position it correctly.

Our services also include:


  • Finding and engaging the right buyer

  • Negotiating the optimal value

  • Employing the right processes and tactics to close the deal

Buy-Side Advisory


Our team partners with you on a comprehensive acquisition strategy for each stage, which includes preparation, marketing, diligence and closing. We also make it a priority to orchestrate a "best-fit" transaction, which includes finding a partner that aligns with your long-term goals and culture.

Our services also include:


  • Identifying potential targets

  • Negotiating optimal value

  • Closing the deal

Capital Raising


We help clients evaluate a range of capital raising strategies and funding alternatives, so you can identify the best fit for your objectives.

Our services also include:


  • Engaging investors

  • Securing favorable terms

  • Closing the deal

What sets us apart

Unlike M&A groups at bigger banks, which are constantly pressured to find a large fee-generating deal, we focus on you, not fees. That means less pressure and more patience to find the right deal, not the first deal. No matter what, you get our full attention.

Other ingredients to our success:

Our team has major deal experience. We've been through it before, we understand the pitfalls and opportunities, and we know how to execute.

We're in this with you. When we collaborate with you to create a compelling growth story, we're legitimately compelled by your story. We're excited to help you excel in your next chapter.

We bring the full Umpqua banking solution to every phase of your journey: financing, treasury management, even wealth management for clients looking to invest after a sale. Your relationship with Umpqua lives on well after the deal is done.

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