7/17/2019 3:00:00 PM | Feeling at Home

12 Tips to Move on a Budget

How to move cheaply so you can save for something actually fun

Even if you're excited about where you're headed, moving is tough. Too many boxes. Too many tasks. And too many costs. We don't like to wrap dishes in newspaper any more than you do. But we can help you plan your move in 2019 with these 12 tips that will help save for something actually enjoyable-like travel!


Skip hiring movers

Movers can be extremely expensive. And depending on your needs, they may not be the best financial option for you. Plus, if you pack up your own stuff, you’ll know where all of it is, making the transition into your new place much smoother. And you could save hundreds of dollars—if not more—by renting your own moving truck.


Sell the stuff you don't really need

Moving is the perfect time to Marie Kondo your life. Be rigorous! Go through all your stuff and figure out what you want and don't want. Not only are you downsizing for your new place-giving you less that you have to move-but you can also sell the stuff you don't want through eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or at a garage sale.


Donate to charity

As you're going through your stuff, you can also get rid of anything you don't want by donating it to charity. Not only will you have less to pack, you'll feel great knowing that your items will go to someone in need.


Don't buy moving materials

This is one of the cardinal rules for moving on the cheap: don't pay for moving boxes. Ask friends or family for extra boxes. Start storing the brown suckers up months in advance. Go to grocery and department stores and ask for their shipping boxes. There are so many ways to get free packing materials. Don't spend money on boxes.


Stuff those suitcases

This is a great way to take up less space and decrease the number of boxes that you need: fill your suitcases with items you need to move. While clothing and linens are a great option for suitcases, we suggest filling your suitcases with books because they are heavy, and it's easy to roll suitcases. As a result, it makes moving books significantly easier.


Move in the offseason

While everyone likes to move in the summer when school is off, you'll find better deals plus a lot less traffic on the road if you move during the off-season. You might also find better prices on houses and perhaps deals on apartments if the demand isn't as high.


Use movers only for extra large items

If you have to hire movers, have them help with big and heavy items you might have trouble moving, like the couch, bed or dining room table. You can tackle the small and lightweight items on your own. This could substantially decrease the amount of money you'll spend on movers, plus save you the stress of worrying about how you're going to get that Baby Grand down the stairs.


Measure all large items you're bringing with you

You'll need to measure whatever large items you're planning to bring with you. The last thing you want is to get to your new place and realize that the king size bed you brought isn't going to fit through the door and you'll have to buy a queen size bed. Otherwise you'll have spent money moving those items and have an additional expense of purchasing another. Instead, make sure that everything you bring to your new place is going to fit.


Check if your company will reimburse your expenses

If you're moving for work, check with your company to see if they have a policy on reimbursing moving expenses. They might be willing to off-set costs like gas or accommodations, which could save you a couple hundred dollars or more.


Wait a couple of weeks to buy stuff for your new place

While your first reaction might be to purchase new items within a day or two of moving into your new place to celebrate your arrival, resist that urge. There's a good chance that you might overspend in your excitement to be in a new place. If you wait a couple of weeks and let the dust settle, you avoid splurging on unnecessary items.


Try to avoid hotels if possible

Yes, it's easier to stay at a hotel while you wait for your pod to arrive at your new house. But we encourage you to look into other housing alternatives like staying with friends or using an Airbnb, as both can be significantly cheaper than a hotel.


Shop around

Whether comparing prices for moving companies or camping on your brother’s couch to duck the cost of hotel, look for ways to slash expenses. The more you can save on moving, the more you can spend on that trip to Spain or Fiji.

If you follow even a couple of these 12 tips for moving on a budget, you'll discover that you might spend a lot less on moving and a lot more on all that traveling you want to do.