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Account FAQ

How do I make changes to my information, such as my home address, email or phone number?

Life is constantly changing, so when you need to update your account information, just give us a call at (866) 486-7782, stop by your local Umpqua store, or send us a secure message through Online Banking. We’ll get everything squared away in no time.

I’m traveling soon and I’m not sure what to do with my Umpqua account. Can you help?

Traveling can be hectic, so we’ve made things a little easier when it comes to your Umpqua account. You can always use your mobile device at any location to access your account online. And give us a call at (866) 486-7782, stop by your local Umpqua store, or send us a secure message through Online Banking with your trip details. Here’s a quick list of what we need to know while you’re away:

  • Dates you’ll be traveling and away from home
  • The location (city/country) that you’ll be visiting
  • A good phone number to reach you if necessary
  • The cards you’d like access to when traveling

I’ve legally changed my name. How do I update my Umpqua account?

Simply stop by your local Umpqua store, and an associate can help you update your account information with your new name. Just bring your new identification and documentation showing your name change.

How do I change my account PIN?

When you need to reset your PIN, you have a few simple options. Please have your full card number and existing or original PIN ready, then:

  • Call us at (866) 486-7782 to speak with an associate.
  • Call our automated PIN reset line at (866) 708-9365 (we must have your correct phone number on file if you choose this option).
  • Visit an Umpqua ATM and follow the PIN reset steps.
  • Visit your local Umpqua store (you will not need to know your current PIN).

Important: A PIN is set up for secure access to a customer’s ATM/Debit Card and should not be known by any person other than the cardholder. A PIN reset that is completed at the local store, at an ATM or through the automated PIN reset line is immediate. The cardholder can use the PIN right away.