ATM Features and Benefits

Our ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) can help you with a number of basic transactions. You can transfer funds, make a deposit (by cash or check), add funds to a prepaid card, make cash withdrawals and more. Here are a few common features of our ATMs:

Balance Inquiry: Need to know your current account balance? No problem, easily check by using an Umpqua ATM.

Deposit: Quickly and easily deposit checks or cash using an Umpqua ATM.

Withdraw Cash: Withdraw up to $500 daily in cash from any Umpqua ATM.

Fast Cash: Use this convenient feature to withdraw a quick $40 from your Checking Account. ($40 is the default amount on all Umpqua ATMs, but this can be updated in the ATM preferences to whatever amount works for you.)

Transfer Funds: Transfer funds between your Checking, Savings and even a Line of Credit if it's associated with your deposit account.

Add funds to an Everyday Cash Card: Deposit cash at any Umpqua ATM that accepts deposits to add to your reloadable Umpqua Everyday Cash Card.

Set ATM Preferences: Umpqua customers can change the default language, fast cash withdrawal amounts and receipt options if they select Set ATM Preferences.

More Selections: Umpqua customers can change their PIN and/or request a mini statement through the More Selections option.

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