Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

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Below, you’ll find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is mobile check deposit? Open/Close icon

Mobile check deposit is a feature in our mobile apps that allows you to deposit checks into your Umpqua Checking, Savings or Money Market account by taking a picture of the check with the camera on your phone or tablet.

How does the service work? Open/Close icon

First, log in to your Umpqua Bank Mobile Banking app, tap the menu button and select Deposit Checks from under the Transactions menu. Then select the account, input the amount and tap the Capture Image button. Endorse the check and place it on a dark background for good contrast. Line up the front of the check and snap the image. Flip the check over, line up the back of the check and snap the image. Review all the deposit information, edit if needed and tap Submit Deposit when finished. You'll see an on-screen message that your deposit was submitted. For more details click here.

Who can use mobile check deposit? Open/Close icon

Mobile check deposit is for any personal banking or small business customer who:

  • Is an authorized signer or owner of an Umpqua Checking, Savings or Money Market account

  • Is enrolled in our Online and Mobile Banking service

  • Has a supported Apple® or Android™ mobile device

  • Uses the Umpqua Bank Mobile Banking app

Can I deposit a check with my mobile device if I log in to online banking through Open/Close icon

No. To make a mobile check deposit with your mobile device, you'll need to use the Deposit Check feature available only with our Umpqua Bank Mobile Banking Apple® or Android™ mobile app.

What type of connection do I need? Open/Close icon

Your mobile device needs an appropriate data plan or a Wi-Fi connection that allows the transmission of data over the internet. Message and data rates may apply. For more details of our system requirements click here.

Are there any transaction fees? Open/Close icon

We don't charge a fee for using mobile check deposit. However, standard fees for deposit or combined transactions may apply for some accounts. Refer to your account disclosure documents for more details. (Also, your wireless carrier may charge you message and data rates.)

What kinds of checks can I deposit? Open/Close icon

Mobile check deposit can accept most domestic checks, including personal, business and payroll checks.

We are unable to accept money orders, foreign checks, savings bonds, U.S. Treasury checks, foreign traveler's checks, third-party checks, substitute checks (image replacement documents) or checks drawn on foreign currency through mobile deposit. For these check types, please visit your local Umpqua store.

Can I use mobile check deposit to add funds to accounts other than Umpqua Bank Checking, Savings or Money Market accounts? Open/Close icon

No, mobile check deposit can only deposit to your Umpqua Checking, Savings or Money Market accounts. But you can transfer money between Umpqua and non-Umpqua accounts through Online Banking.

Are there limits to how much I can deposit? Open/Close icon

Yes. Based on a number of criteria, there are daily and weekly limits to the dollar amounts and number of checks you can deposit.

What if I have a check that exceeds a dollar limit? Open/Close icon

Please visit your local Umpqua store or ATM to make the deposit. Our mobile app can help you locate the nearest store or ATM location.

How should I endorse checks when using mobile check deposit? Open/Close icon

You should sign the back of your check in the endorsement area with the following:
"For deposit at Umpqua Bank only"
[your signature]

What should I do with my checks once they are successfully deposited? Open/Close icon

Clearly mark 'Electronic Deposit on (the date of the deposit)' in a blank area on the top half of the front of the original check. Then keep your check in a secure place and destroy it after 15 days.'

Can I photograph more than one check at a time? Open/Close icon

No, you can only submit images (front and back) for one check per deposit. However, you can deposit multiple checks separately in the same login session.

How will I know if Umpqua has received my check deposit? Open/Close icon

An on-screen "Deposit Submitted" confirmation appears when the deposit has been successfully transmitted. A confirmation email is sent the moment a deposit is successfully received.

How will I know if Umpqua has approved and processed my check deposit? Open/Close icon

You will be notified separately by a second email when your deposit has been approved and processed. If the deposit is declined, the reason will be included in the email notification. On the Home/Accounts page within Online and Mobile Banking there is a Deposit Check History section along the right side that displays all your mobile deposits. Deposit Checks also display in the Activity Center page under the Transactions menu. And finally, when your deposit is approved and processed, the transaction will display in your account activity.

How long does it take for a deposit to become available in my account? Open/Close icon

Generally, mobile deposits received and accepted on a business day before 6pm PT will be considered deposited on that day and funds will be available the next business day. If the mobile deposit is received and accepted after 6pm PT or on a non-business day, it will be considered deposited on the next business day and funds will typically be available the second business day.

Why would a check deposit be declined? Open/Close icon

There could be a number of reasons why a check deposit is declined, including:

  • Check type is ineligible for deposit through Umpqua mobile deposit

  • Check was previously deposited (duplicate item)

  • Missing endorsement

  • Deposit exceeds your current daily or weekly deposit limits for mobile deposit

  • Poor image quality

In some instances, our mobile app will notify you with an error message. In other cases, we will notify you by mail of the rejection of any check deposit found during processing.

How long can I see information about deposits made using mobile check deposit? Open/Close icon

Our mobile banking app keeps at least 30 days of history of mobile check deposits. These and older deposits are visible in your account history for up to 18 months.

What if I submitted a deposit for the wrong amount? Do I need to resubmit the deposit? Open/Close icon

Nope. If you entered the wrong amount for the deposit, we will correct it. However, this may result in longer review and processing times.

What if I submit the same deposit twice in error? Open/Close icon

If the mobile deposit system detects duplicate items, the system will typically identify it and decline the second deposit. If you think that the check is not a duplicate, you will have to deposit the check at an Umpqua store. Although the system has features that may detect duplicate check deposits, you are responsible for any duplicates you introduce into the check-clearing system.

What are my responsibilities regarding submitting checks twice? Open/Close icon

Depositing checks electronically introduces a risk of duplicate check deposits, either by submission of two electronic deposits, or by submission of both an electronic deposit and a physical check deposit.

When using our mobile app, you are responsible for maintaining control over the proper use of the service, as well as the original paper checks you've deposited to avoid depositing a check more than once. See "What should I do with my checks once they are successfully deposited?" above.

The check I deposited was returned. Should I re-deposit it through the mobile app? Open/Close icon

No, do not re-deposit a returned check using the mobile app. When a check is returned, regardless of how you deposited it, your account may be assessed a returned item fee (see Other Account Services under the Help menu for current pricing) and you will receive a copy of the returned deposited item in the mail. If you want to re-deposit the returned check, we can assist you at your nearest Umpqua store.

I selected the wrong account for deposit. What should I do? Open/Close icon

You can use the funds transfer option in Online Banking or Mobile Banking to transfer the funds to another account that you own. However, it may be necessary to wait until all of the deposited funds are available.

Can I email or fax the scanned check image to Umpqua Bank to complete my deposit? Open/Close icon

No, we do not accept checks deposited electronically through email or fax.

Can I export, save and print images of checks deposited using the mobile app? Open/Close icon

Images of checks deposited through the mobile app may be printed either from the Deposit Check history page or directly from your account history once the deposit has been processed.

While the images cannot be exported, you can export a list of your transactions, including deposits and return/adjustment items, through online banking.

Is mobile check deposit secure? Open/Close icon

Yes, mobile check deposit is protected by several layers of security. The app uses SSL encryption technology to protect your personal information and financial transactions. In addition, check images captured during the mobile deposit process are never stored on your mobile device. We recommend that you always lock your mobile device when you're not using it, and avoid storing sensitive information such as passwords on the device.